A Place I Call Home is a series of polyptych Polaroid images that depict the village of Dansville in Western New York. Two and one-half square miles, holding steadfast rolling hills, oak trees, 2-lane blacktop, and buildings holding up against the power of sun, wind, rain, and snow sparsely filled with 4,832 souls compose the lands of my youth. I left the village of Danville ten years ago and have returned no more than once each year. The passing years have brought ever-increasing change. People have come and gone and but what remains carries the memories of what was. As winter morphed into spring, I awoke with an aching sense of urgency and returned home to attempt to hold my past before it is lost to the never-ending pressures of time and change.  I did not have the luxury of waiting and I used my Polaroid to be absolutely sure that those precious inches, yards and miles were not lost forever. Through these images, my home has become eternal and unique. Examining how these places touched my heart, I reminisced about the past with those I loved and, although inevitably futile, attempted to capture every small detail of my memories. Each image in the polyptych support and rely on each other to tell the stories of what the placewas and what it has become. For if their existence ceases, I will be lost. Thus I grasp tightly to what is left of What I Call Home.